The Paisley Palm was created by a Massage Therapist who at the time had worked in the luxury spa industry for the majority of her seven year career. After falling in love and moving to Santa Cruz from the Silicon Valley she grew tired of commuting nearly 100 miles a day and longed to connect to the community near the beach she had grown so fond of. She then brainstormed how she could recreate all the things she loved about the $165 an hour spa experience and bring it to Santa Cruz without the start up cost of the newest beautiful spa.

The Paisley Palm is a professional service providing massage therapy in the comfort of your home. It uses the same soft sheets, organic oils and aromatherapy as the luxury spa over the hill while maintaining the small town prices of Santa Cruz and its surrounding charming cities. Your therapist is a passionate seasoned professional used to providing a five star service, and so happy to do that close to her home, in the comfort of yours. You have nowhere to drive or traffic to beat. Just relax and center after a rejuvenating session of bodywork.

~Emily June